About me

After working for MNCs across globe for more than 30+ years, I have decided to take a break and start a venture on my own. I wanted to try something new in my second innings. It’s a general notion in India that one’s life will be better or the least secured only if he/she does well in academics. Hence only a few thousands in a population of more than 1.25 billion take interest in sports in India. My work is to convince both parents and children into taking up sports as a profession. People who have passion and natural ability in playing sports should be encouraged and given assurance that they can still lead a better and meaningful life even if they don’t make it big in the sporting arena. They can support and mentor the next generation of sportsmen. 

To do that I need to have a blog and a system to have a maximum reach. Now I have setup my own blog. I am going to write articles on the legendary sportsmen of current and yesteryears, match analysis, coaching tips, sporting academy, governments scholarship, emploment opportunities for the sportsmen etc. I will also be interviewing personalities involved in sports. I will also conduct seminars and workshops for the budding sportsmen in schools and colleges.

Then I came across DDIP (Digital Deepak Internship Program). This course was amazing. I have just completed this internship program. To know more about this program, visit:https://DigitalDeepak.com